who we are


Supporting numerous sites throughout Australia, we work with clients where we can really focus on what we do best, delivering top level service and support. Our clarity of mission and focus on quality engages people. Our scale means our teams really understand and can connect with the mission on a tangible level. This increased engagement amongst our teams means our customers feel the benefit of an improved service experience.


Our focus on attracting quality people means we have attracted a great team of professionals to lead and manage the business. Our scale means that we are a ‘hands on’ business and that expertise is brought to bear in the service management for our clients. We harness our relationships with highly experienced contractors to establish and develop clusters of teams assigned to specific territories. This creates a truly national footprint with no location out of reach.


Titan Asset Services is committed to upholding high ethical standards in all of our operations. We lead by example and act responsibly to make a positive contribution to our stakeholders.

Our values

Our values sit at the core of our operations and outlook. We go the extra mile for our clients, these values embrace leadership and integrity, ensuring that we always operate openly, transparently and honestly.

Health and safety

At Titan Asset Services, our ongoing mission is to have the best health and safety record in the industry. To this end, we employ a strategy of training and development, risk assessment and preparation. By investing in behavioural change, we invoke continuous improvement, all the while engaging with our stakeholders in a collaborative and supportive manner.


We strive to create opportunity for our people, clients and communities while preserving resources. We believe that sustainability is a sensitive balance between commercial success and a responsibility to the environment.