Retailers face challenging programmes with aggressive speed to market expectations, tight commercial constraints and increasing sustainability targets. Our clients also work to achieve continuous improvement and build new stores on time, on budget and to specification.

Titan Asset Services delivers results by focusing on improving retail clients’ performance and delivering to their aspirations. We offer integrated services across the full project lifecycle from investment through to operation. Our experts in project management, cost consultancy, construction delivery and facilities management, thrive within our collaborative culture, constantly trying to find better solutions to complex retail challenges. Whether commissioned to provide a specific competency or our uniquely integrated service offer, we work successfully with retail clients.

Why Titan Group Services?

Retail clients increasingly have to achieve more with less and Titan Group Services has the expertise to help meet their objectives. Our unique proposition enables us to facilitate the property life cycle requirements for retail clients, and differentiates us from the competition.

Driving efficiency by effective project management

Our experience in the delivery of branch refurbishment projects has enabled us to develop a series of robust systems and processes to review supply chains, scope projects, implement KPIs, and manage schedules and budgets efficiently for retail clients. We generate quality management information through web-based portals, providing clients and teams with real-time access to consistent and accurate data.

Speed to market

Titan Asset Services delivers programmes with aggressive speed to market expectations by focusing on excellent strategic planning and by engaging with the supply chain from the onset. Supply chain management (SCM) and our relationship with our contractors is critical to our success. By achieving effective SCM we can continue improving the relationships with our preferred suppliers, increase the value to the projects and meet tight deadlines for our retail clients.